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Tips for Winter Cycling

Tips for Winter Cycling


Colder weather does not mean you have to give up cycling. You may not know that riding in colder weather burns more calories, along with teaching your body to utilize oxygen better. Read on to learn more about how you can safely enjoy cycling in the winter months.

Dress Appropriately

Ensuring you are appropriately outfitted for the weather is one of the most important tips for winter cycling. Wear a warm base layer and add several more on top. It is better to remove layers if you get warm than be cold during your ride.



Ride with the Right Bike in Good Condition

You do not need to purchase a new bike; however, it is a good idea to use a secondary bike. Winter wear and tear can be hard on bikes. Ensure your tires are on a low pressure to provide more stability on the snow and use wide or studded tires if you will be riding in icy conditions.

Can You Be Seen?

Visibility is always important when cycling, but especially in the winter months. Select brightly colored clothing and outfit your bike with reflectors, a headlight, and rear flashers.

Ride with the Wind

Start your journey riding into the headwind and return on the tailwind. Doing so will allow you to be fresh at the beginning of your ride.

Take Care of Your Bike

Make sure you wipe down your bike after each ride, although, washing it is best. Salt and slush will cause corrosion on your bike. Another way to protect your bike is to spray WD-40 on the frame before riding and on the bike chain after cleaning it.


Protect Your Liquids

Put any hot liquids, such as broth or coffee, in an insulated container.

Outfit Your Bike with Fenders

Adding fenders to your bike will help avoid getting slushy snow on you and your bike. Feeling creative? You can create homemade fenders using a paint tray or a 2-liter pop bottle.

Protect Your Skin

Riding in the winter months does not mean you can skip the sunscreen. Make sure you put sunscreen on your face and any other exposed body parts. Moisturizer is also a great way to protect your skin from the elements. You will also want to utilize lip balm or Chapstick.


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